Software Licensing Company in Kerala India

Volume Discounts, Expert Assistance and Streamlined Purchasing

A licensing program is much more than a convenient way to buy software. Our experienced licensing team is ready to help you find licensing programs that will stretch your software budget and protect you from liability.

We offer our customers software licensing, products and solutions from over 100+ vendors and in multiple licensing forms. Our sales, technical and consultants help our customers to choose the right software for their requirement and implement the same in their infrastructure.

We do more than just sell you software licenses. We offer a comprehensive software consultancy service that helps maximize the value of your software assets and the crucial role they play in improving business efficiency and performance.

Our consultative approach is delivered via our ‘ABC’ method: 
Acquire – Cost effective procurement of software licensing agreements
Benefit –  Maximizing value through enhanced business productivity
Comply – Mitigating risk through streamlined asset management 
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